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First, we all learn by reading and doing. Our Library of Marketing is full of FREE content about marketing, advertising, sales and even how to run a small business.  

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When you have questions about marketing and operating your business, you’re likely to find a free article or creative concept giving you answers and ideas in our Library of Marketing. Plus, all of the articles and concepts are from real life marketing and small business experiences.  

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Direct Mail Marketing Success

Successful Direct Mail Marketing has excellent copywriting, designed for quick reading, uses attraction and attention to make the reader stop and captured by an offer no one could pass on.

Sharp marketers know everything starts with the customer. Without knowing what a customer likes, responds to what type of offer, and only makes a purchase just right for her needs, direct mail enters the home through the mailbox and exists quickly via the recycle bin.

We update, we publish frequently. In addition on various ocassions we write special reports such as “The Right Notes in your Direct Mail… Make Beautiful Music for Your Customer’s Ears and Your Accounting Department!”

Direct Marketing Success, Vol. 19, #39

• Five Strong Marketing Skills to Kick Up Your Response Rate…
and borrow more customers from the competition.
• Here’s how to use a secret B2B marketing code…
that will keep your business growing and growing.
• How a multi-layered personalization can snag a few more customers.
• Stay close to your prospects and customers to learn more about them.

Direct Marketing Success, Vol. 18, #35

• Visuals attract and make the reader pause…
now pounce on them with an offer they can’t refuse.
• How to Use Story Telling Within a Brochure…
and other channels to enhance the impact of your message.
• How an envelope creates a first impression for your promotion…
the same way clothes create a first impression for you.
• How to Get Customer and Prospect Feedback…
and how to use it as a marketing advantage!

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